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IndigiGrow: A spectacular social enterprise creating opportunities


IndigiGrow is a social enterprise, whose mission is to sustain people, land, and culture through the propagation of native plants. As well as, bush food and the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.

About IndigiGrow

IndigiGrow is a social enterprise by First Hand Solutions, creators of the Blak Markets. IndigiGrow seeks to deliver positive environmental projects through research and rejuvenation of endangered plants. In addition, they participate in mass urban plantings which create carbon credits, and also improve the general atmosphere and environment. Finally, they offer native plants for sale from their nursery.

The organisation is based in La Perouse, the community where I grew up. As a result, I am extremely passionate about supporting them.

Led by CEO Peter Cooley, a Proud Bidjigal man who is also from La Perouse, the team is extremely passionate about growing & reviving local endangered native plants and native edibles, as well as educating people on the wide-ranging benefits of native plants.

"Running Educational programs will ensure that the cultural knowledge of our people is understood, protected, and respected.

This project will be a working model that shows not only urban communities how to live sustainably, but also a scalable model for regional & remote communities.

We will retain culture & increase biodiversity and fauna habitats by replenishing many native species that are important to our culture and the local ecosystem.

We will educate people about our plants, and break down cultural barriers through better understanding and appreciation of our native plants & bushfoods."

Extract from IndigiGrow website

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are businesses that trade and generate profit to solve social problems, improve communities, support disadvantaged people, provide access to employment and training, or help the environment.

Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub

IndigiGrow has taken it upon itself to help revitalise the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS), it is one of their specialisations.

ESBS once occupied around 5,300 hectares of land between North Head and Botany Bay. Only around 146 hectares remain across the local Government areas in the region.

There are over 60 core plant species that make up the ESBS. IndigiGrow has up to 40 growing in their nursery, which they hope will kick start the recovery of this important group of native plants.

Local Impact

Peter is passionate about supporting our mob and provides full-time employment to six young local Aboriginal apprentices to not only work within the organisation but also stay connected to their culture.

Muru is proud to support IndigiGrow in this area, by contributing a percentage of our revenue to help their team grow. Even though Muru itself is not a social enterprise, it’s part of our DNS to support initiatives that contribute to society, support disadvantaged people, remove barriers to employment or have some kind of environmental impact.

IndigiGrow is a social enterprise that solves many of these issues faced by our people.

Thanks to the social procurement policies that exist in the market today, creating a positive impact across our communities, Muru is able to give back. Through the contribution of a percentage of our revenue, Muru is able to assist this amazing social enterprise to create an economic impact. As a result, IndigiGrow is able to offset some of the employment costs for two of their young staff.

Our partnership demonstrates the impact that two local Aboriginal owned organisations can create when working together to support our communities.

Peter Cooley (front centre) with some of the IndigiGrow team

In the last two years, Muru has contributed over $50,000 to IndigiGrow, and we continue to have a strong partnership with their organisation. We are invested in their long-term economic growth and I am personally thrilled to be on this journey alongside Peter and the team.

Please support this spectacular social enterprise! Get down to La Perouse Public School when you next get the opportunity and have a yarn with the team, or visit their online store and purchase some native plants.

Mitchell Ross

Mitchell Ross

Mitchell Ross is a proud Bidjigal man from La Perouse in southeast Sydney. Mitchell is the Co-Founder and CEO of Muru Office Supplies and is passionate about playing a role is supporting the growth of the Indigenous business sector.

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